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R e c o n    a n d    S e r v i c e    C e n t r e

The Recon and Service Centre is a division of Field Wheels created for the purpose of assessing, servicing, overhauling, refurbishing and repairing petrol and diesel motor cars in the Cape Town area. 

It operates in conjunction with the Field Wheels Vehicle Sales division. The Service Centre makes sure that each of the pre-owned vehicles that the dealership acquires, and subsequently sell, are at optimum condition, given the age, mileage and history of that particular vehicle.

It also provides its clients a centre to consult with or repair their vehicles in the future with the full assurance of a quality service. 

The Field Wheels Recon and Service Centre is managed by Cedric Cooper.

Cedric has both petrol and diesel mechanic qualifications. He started to work as an apprentice mechanic in 1978. He has worked with various types of vehicles in Durban and in Johannesburg. And in Cape Town, he has worked as a mechanic in one of the Mercedes Benz agents.

With nearly 4 decades of experience, his extensive knowledge in this field is invaluable for the efficient running of the Service Centre. 

A very amiable person, he is known to break into laughter quite easily and puts everyone at ease straight away. 

Cedric Cooper
Recon and Service Center Manager
Field Wheels

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Mobile: +27 (84) 759 7727

Email: ceddy.cooper (at)

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8 Moorsom Avenue

Epping 2, Cape Town 7460

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