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2008 Land Rover

Range Rover


Mileage: 147,000km

Price: R299,000

Ref: 658

land rover for sale cape town

2004 Land Rover Defender

110 TD5 Station Wagon

Had extensive mechanical overhaul.


Price: R180,000

Ref: 644

1999 Land Rover Defender

2.8 Stationwagon

Has extra fuel tank, water tank and extra charged battery 

Mileage: 179,500km 

Price: R139,000

Ref: 660

2006 Land Rover Discovery 3

v6 S Auto White

Mileage: 135,000km

Price: R165,000

Ref: 726


2007 Subaru Forester XS

2.5 Manual Premium

Has Tow Bar

Mileage: 146,000km  

Price: R104,000

Ref: 731

2009 Subaru Forester X

2.5  Manual

Mileage: 170,500km


Ref: 732

2014 Subaru Forester XS

CVT Premium 

Maintenance plan until 2018

Mileage: 76,900km  

Price: R336,000km

Ref: 736

2010 Subaru  Outback

 3.6 Auto 5-Speed Premium

Mileage: 197,000km

Price: R179,000

Ref: 607

Cape Town Subaru dealer

2005 Subaru Forester X


Has Tow Bar

Mileage: 209,000km

Price: R79,000  

Ref: 734

2005 Subaru Forester X


Red, Has tow bar

Mileage: 233,000km

Price: R79,000 

Ref: 723

2008 Subaru Forester X


Mileage: 137,000km

Price: R159,000

Ref: 724

2008 Subaru Forester X


Mileage: 231,000km

Price: R119,000

Ref: 729


2008 Bay Master Boat

With Trailer and Accessories

Beautiful condition

Price: R119,000

Ref: 722

2001 Audi Quattro TT

1.8 T Convertible Manual

Mileage: 56,000km  

Price: R149,000

Ref: 734

2011 Audi A4 1.8 T

Multitronic with FSH

Mileage: 89,000km

Price: R159,000

Ref: 707

2007 Porsche 911

Carrera  S

Mileage: 76,000km

Price: R739,000

Ref: 701

2013 Renault 3 1.6


Mileage: 68,000km

Price: R114,000

Ref: 739

2009 BMW 320i 


 Mileage: 108,000km

Price: R119,000

Ref: 742

2000 Volkswagen Beetle

2.0 L Manual Red FSH

Mileage: 154,000km

Price: R59,000

Ref: 727

2014 Toyota Etios

1.5 Xs 5-door Hatchback

Mileage: 43,000km

Price: R109,000

Ref: 741


1999 Mazda B2500TD

4x4 Pick Up D/C

Mileage: 178,000km

Price: R89,000

Ref: 713

2007 Opel Corsa Utility 1.8i


Mileage: 172,000km

Price: R69,000

Ref: 700

pick up for sale cape town

2005 Fiat Strada

1.6 ELX  Pick up 

Has tow bar, air conditioner and canopy 

Mileage: 166,000km 

Price: R64,990

Ref: 737

pick up for sale

2008 Mazda BT 50

Drifter 3.0 crdi slx 4x2

Pick-up F/cab 


Price: R134,995

Ref: 738


2014 Toyota Land Cruiser 76

4.5L Diesel Station Wagon


Mileage: 60,000km 

Price: R599,000

Ref: 733

2005 Hyundai Tucson

2.7 V6

Mleage: 157,000km

Price: R89,995

Ref: 740

2004 Jeep V8 4.7  

Grand Cherokee Laredo

Mileage: 187,000km

Price: R99,000

Ref: 705

4x4 vehicle for sale

2005 Jeep 2.7

Grand Cherokee Laredo


Mileage: 154 000km

Price R119,000

Ref: 711

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